Howards Custom Upholstery

Howards Custom Upholstery

This Weeks Featured Designer...Jamie Hayon

by Tavy at Howard's on 04/04/11



Jamie Hayon

This Spanish born artist-designer has a strong design education background rich with learned technique and finely crafted skill. But Jamie is most recognizable for his whimsical structures and his creations that "blur the lines between art, decoration and design and a renaissance in finely-crafted, intricate objects within the context of contemporary design culture." His work is amazing.  The only suggestion I would make is to use more fabric in everything.  Okay, I am biased because of my love of upholstery, but that does not mean that a little more fabric would hurt.  The above examples are exceptions, they use fabric perfectly.

Check out this office chair...

by Tavy at Howard's on 03/31/11

Can you believe that this is considered to be the second most expensive office chair in the world. The most expensive is only available in the United Arab Emirates, So unless you are visiting Dubai this chair is where its at. Estimated at $65,000 this chair is pure design, by award-winning designer and architect Hadi Teherani of Germany.  I would choose a different fabric, but otherwise what a cool chair. Just in case you are curious the most expensive office chair is this one, estimated at $1.5 million, very cool.

A New Act for a Midcentury Sofa is a Great Example

by Tavy at Howard's on 03/25/11

"Like a great midcentury screen siren, the Valentine sofa refuses to be upstaged by anyone or anything in the room.The 84-inch sofa is a  a piece designed in 1950 by William Haines, a film actor in the 1920s & 30s...Mr. Haines became an interior designer, working for Gloria Swanson, Joan Crawford and Carole Lombard, and often collaborating with his partner, James Shields." Milioti-NY Times

This Sofa is awesome.  I always support interior designers desire to be creative.  Custom furniture brings so much character to a room. If you can afford to customize your life, why not?

Where has all the Fabric gone?

by Tavy at Howard's on 03/24/11


So recently it has become harder and harder to find certain fabrics.  So many are now made in China; which, would be fine, if the lower price accompanied the same or better quality. Unfortunately that is not the case.  Fabrics from China are inferior in every way.  The quality is so much lower that I only recommend going with a lower quality import if cost is of the upmost importance, but the life of your upholstery will be significantly affected.  Also, I recommend buying American. Currently the Textile industry jobs have been significantly diminished.  Textile jobs will continue to vanish, the government says. Check out these stats:

Occupations that will decline the most from 2008 to 2018 (measured by percentage change in jobs)


Bureau of Labor Statistics projections:  Occupation                                                                                   Pct. drop/Jobs lost

Textile bleaching and dying machine operators and tenders 45%/7,200

Textile winding, twisting and drawing out machine setters, operators and tenders 41%/14,200

Textile knitting and weaving machine setters, operators and tenders 39% /11,500

Shoe machine operators and tenders 35%/ 1,700

Extruding and forming machine setters, operators and tenders, synthetic and glass fibers 34%/4,800

Sewing machine operators 34%/71,500

Semiconductor processers 32%/10,000

Textile cutting machine setters, operators and tenders 31%/6,000

Postal Service mail sorters, processors and processing machine operators 30%/54,500

Fabric menders (excluding garment)   30%/ 300

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Except for Postal positions being on the list, as you can see the American Textile industry is being destroyed by inferior qualilty foreign competition, we can still find you a great fabric, it's just a little harder.


$27.8 Million Dollar Chair-They Don't Make Them Like They Used To.

by Tavy at Howard's on 03/23/11

Check out this chair. This expensive armchair belonged to a Paris-based art dealer before finding its way into the hands of Yves Saint Laurent, founder of the eponymous YSL luxury brand. Reportedly, that very same art dealer is the person who paid ten times the chair's estimated value to procure it at a Chrisities auction. The chair was made by Irish designer Eileen Graw sometime between 1917 and 1919. Called the "Dragon's Chair, it is one of Gray's Masterpieces.  We always say older furniture was more valuable and made with right stuff, but this chair breaks the mold. 

Expensive Chair

Where do foam prices come from

by Tavy at Howard's on 03/19/11

People always ask me, why foam costs so much? Good Question.  I wonder the same myself.  Recently five furniture manufactureres in the southern United States have brought suit to foam manufactures claiming they are breaking anti-trust laws and price fixing.  I haven't done that much research myself, however; I have been told the price of oil affects production, yet I wonder why when oil prices go up foam prices go up, but when oil prices go down, foam stays the same price. This question of foam prices for now remains a mystery to me.  For now, all I can hope is that in the future, information of the goings on in the foam world will come to light, and make some sense. 


Do it right the first time.

by Tavy at Howard's on 03/09/11

Just came in, a job done by another upholsterer, horrible work.  Our client is now paying for the second time to get the job done right by Howard's.  Please don't let this happen to you. Come to us first, and we assure you, you will be satisfied.

don't let this happen to you

Understanding an upholstery quote: Why some places cost more than others.

by Tavy at Howard's on 02/22/11

To put it simply, as in most things in life, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, this adage proves true especially in custom upholstery and reupholstery.  There are so many ways to cut corners in this industry, including but not limited to using inferior parts (foam, wood, staples, thread, nails, and more) which will significantly affect the life of your furniture.  In addition, many inferior (less expensive) upholsterers will not remove the old fabric, do necessary prep work, or have the experience to upholster your funiture properly, also resulting in a less than desirable result, affecting the life and look of your price piece.  To avoid redoing your furniture again, and paying twice, or settling for inferior quality of work we recommend finding a qualified upholsterer that strives to provide the highest quality of work like HOWARD'S CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY.


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