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Upholstered Furniture in 2019

by Tavy at Howard's on 02/21/19

What is Happening with Upholstered Furniture in 2019?

Sadly, the quality of new upholstered furniture is spiraling downward.  The materials being used are inferior.  The wood frames are sub-standard and the upholstery fabrics, leave much to be desired.

All this is thanks to the  Walmart/China mentality.  Todays consumer wants it cheap, if not, he wants it cheaper than cheap!  Well, you got what you asked for!  Reach over & pat yourself on the back!

Most good-quality furniture stores have gone under & quality furniture manufacturers, that are still surviving, must also make exceptions to some of their lines of furniture.

John Q. Public expects to pay $1,000 for a sofa or sectional, when 30-40 years ago, good sofas cost over $1,000!  So, something has gotta give.                       That SOMETHING is quality!  The public likes quality but will not pay for it.  What is the result?  Buying furniture that looks ok, but DO NOT sit on it!  How dare you want it to look ok and expect it to be comfortable and last years!

Our customers, call us daily.  What can we do to improve the seating comfort of their newly bought furniture?  Answer: Nothing.  Give us something good to work on, a piece with a good foundation, that is  where we can help and are experts at.  Your poor investment must be trashed. But hey!  What a deal you got!                                                                                                                                                                      Who wins?  The people selling the trash!  They are making million$!!!          The consumer is not being protected ... buy at your own risk!

We custom build sofas, chairs and ottomans. We construct these pieces properly.  A good foundation is an all hardwood frame, glued & doweled.  The right springs or support system is very important.   Please Google - Century or Baker Furniture and see what quality furniture looks like! They sell sofas from $10,000-$20,000.  We can custom build a sofa, same quality, for less than half the price! 

As the generations that owned and appreciated quality, comfortable furniture are dying off, the new disposable generation spends money foolishly on furniture that is uncomfortable & lasts just a couple of years!

Now, if you have a living room that hardly gets used, put the cheap, junk furniture in there. The family room or daily used room is where Howards Upholstery should have an expert hand, in the product.  You want a quality comfortable sofa or chair?  We can build it for you!  Bring us a picture or sketch of what you would like.  Custom built just for you!   Guaranteed to last.

Another option is to find a good used frame.  We can reupholster it properly.

The bottom line is, have it done right or settle for substandard furniture & materials.                       The choice is yours!

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