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Do you have a piece of furniture that you absolutely love?  Whether it be your favorite sofa, chair or family heirloom, Quality Custom Upholstery allows you to keep your valued pieces while adding your own personal style.  Make an appointment and schedule some time with our in-house designer.  She can help with fabric selection and assist you with your overall design.

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Another thing to consider is that currently, due to the cost and limitations on better types of wood, the furniture industry has resorted to using inferior building products, whether it be particle board used instead of solid hardwood. For example a 2"x4" does not measure 2"x4" anymore.  At Howard's, we refuse to use any inferior products in our furniture.  We  recommend reupholstering older furniture which was built, using past industry standards, which included using real hardwood frames that are glued and dowelled.  If you are interested in learning more about this, our helpful staff would be more than happy to assist you.

Many of our customers have made the mistake of discarding their quality framed furniture pieces for "new updated" styles.  What they didn't count on was "a lack of quality" in the manufacturing of their "new" pieces!  They have invested in inferior frames, padding & workmanship. After a few months of "not being able to get comfortable, they ask us what we can do?  Honestly, how do you tell very good customers, whom I've done work for years, that they have purchased inferior, disposable furniture?  After a while the cheap furniture will fail you, and like soiled, disposable diapers, all you can do is discard it! Unfortunately, we Americans are importing so many inferior & poorly crafted products from China & other foreign countries! 

Let's think now ...30 years ago you could buy a sofa for $1,000.  15 years ago you could buy a sofa for $1,000.  Now you could buy a sofa for $1,000! .....Do you think anything has changed?  Maybe a lack of quality workmanship or inferior materials are used to construct these pieces?  
Watch out for: ∢ENGINEERED WOOD∢!
Furniture Upholstery is a " Dying Art!"   Have you seen any Trade Schools offering Upholstery Classes? My Dad took these classes in the early '50's & has upholstered since!  Everyone in our shop has been trained by him.  His work ethic is 2nd to none! 

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24002 Via Fabricante  #204
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