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We have thousands of fabric samples that are just waiting for you to go through.  Or better yet, save time by making an appointment with or inhouse designer who can aid in your search by guiding you in the direction of colors or patterns you prefer.  A little professional help never hurt anybody!  Come and see for yourself, just how  good She is!

Howard's Custom Upholstery
  We carry such names as Ralph Lauren, Robert Allen, Kravet, Fabricut, Duralee, Stout, and many more. 
If we do not have what you are looking for, we can definitely point you in the right direction.  We have access to the finest fabrics from anywhere in the world. 
In addition, due to our excellent relationship with certain fabric distributors, some of our fabrics can be gotten at a discounted rate; or choose from any of our inhouse remnants to save even more.  

At this time, we are fortunate that our industry is recovering from the economic downturn.  Many of the good quality Fabric Mills in the USA have closed down, due to the competition from China. Yet we are seeing more and more American made goods!  3 of 4 of our customers now prefer to look through American made goods before the imported goods!  It's nice to see that we are more deliberate in our shopping!
    God Bless America !

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949. 768. 0106
24002 Via Fabricante   #204
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Cotton Pros
A variety of patterns, colors and textures create both casual and formal looks with ease. This fabric also dries quickly, just in case you’re cleaning up spills.

Cotton Cons
Cotton is not good with soil and oil stains, stretches easily and doesn’t return to its original shape without laundering, and as of yet you can’t stick a couch in a washing machine. If you have a cotton slipcover you can run it through the washing machine or have it professionally cleaned, but be careful of shrinkage. Keep in mind that the color of your fabric will also fade with prolonged exposure to the sun.
Silk Pros
Silk provides a very high end and luxurious look and feel. It comes in a variety of patterns and colors, and it maintains its shape pretty well.

Silk Cons
Silk is NOT good with soil and oil stains, so it’s probably not the best option for your family room. I’d leave it for a formal side chair in a slightly less used space. It’s expensive, will fade with exposure to sunlight and will not hold up well to lots of abrasion or activity.

Suede and Leather Pros
Suede and leather come in multiple colors and even embossed finishes (a branded pattern in the textile) for both casual and formal looks. They’re very strong and durable and stand up well to the sun.

Suede and Leather Cons
Suede and leather can be very costly, with leather being the more expensive of the two. Additionally, this textile does come from the hide of an animal, which can make some people uncomfortable. In addition, when leather is dyed there can be some color inconsistencies. For some people, this feature could be put in the “pro” column, but it’s truly a personal preference.

Polyester Pros
The most popular of the synthetics, polyester can be woven or finished to look like just about any “natural” fabric out there. A suede finish is a great example of this. There are tons of patterns, colors and textures available and it’s also very reasonably priced. Additionally, polyester is very strong, making the fabric of your upholstered piece durable and abrasion- resistant. And, it can be spot cleaned of stains.

Polyester Cons
Although it’s great for stains, polyester is horrible for oil. So, despite popular opinion, it’s not a great idea to eat on your polyester couches. The color can also fade with prolonged exposure to the sun, and you could experience some static build up.

Rayon Pros
Just like the other synthetics, rayon comes in hundreds of styles, finishes and textures. It’s abrasion-resistant, fairly strong and inexpensive.

Rayon Cons
This fabric will not maintain its shape! Rayon stretches out easily and there is no way to get your couch from looking like a Shar-pei once it does. The color will also fade.
Acrylic Pros
Hundreds of designs, finishes and textures are available in acrylic, and it’s inexpensive to boot! It maintains its shape, is resistant to sunlight and is washable. Its best feature is its soil- and oil-resistance. Acrylic is my top pick for a busy family.

Acrylic Cons
You can get a build up of static electricity with this fabric -- always fun for the kids! Also, it will pill. This looks like little lint balls that you’ll be picking off the couch. This is perfectly normal for this fabric and is also common in polyester.

Synthetic Fabrics
Synthetic fabrics are man-made fabrics from petroleum. Because of the petroleum component, they aren’t a “green” option for upholstery, and when the cost of oil goes up, so can the cost of the fabric. The nice thing about synthetic fabrics though, is that there are tons of options out there and many of them are made to give you the look and feel of a “natural fabric.” They’re also more cost effective, the reason being that since they’re man-made, they can be manufactured easily versus a natural fabric, which is entirely dependent on the supply of natural resources available.
Natural Fabrics
When it comes to natural fabrics, they are absolutely beautiful and they come in many different textures and weaves, but they aren’t always the best options when talking about high-traffic areas.
General Fabric Info:
Picking out the right look and fabric for your sofa can be intimidating when faced with so many choices.
The true life of a good fabric is about 8 years, but many people are getting a lot less mileage than that, not all fabrics are created equal!

Before you even walk into a furniture showroom, you may want to ask yourself a few key questions.
What room will the sofa be in?  Who and how many people will be using it on average? What kinds of activities will be happening around the sofa?  

Consider the answers to these questions and then check out the fabric pros and cons list for the most popular upholstery fabrics below.

We promise to guide you in the right direction.
Any of the fabrics listed above will come in blends as well. For instance, if you love the look of cotton, but you’re looking for a fabric that will not stretch too much, you can get a polyester cotton blend and get the best of both worlds. The fabric content and their percentages should normally be listed on any fabric swatch, so you can make sure that the fabrics you really want are represented.

So, there you go.   Armed with a little knowledge, you’ll be ready to tackle any sofa or chair dilemma  and choose the right fabric for you and your family.  Use the pro and con list to weed out the fabrics that won’t hold up to your lifestyle. And remember, the right fabric might cost a little more money up front, but when you pick the right one, it will save you plenty of dollars down the road.   Keep in mind, that the staff at Howard's Upholstery will be happy to help!
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