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Howard's Custom Upholstery
    As in Most Things in Life, in the Upholstery Business, You Get What You Pay For.  Many companies will offer extremely low bids for upholstery services, in addition to using low quality materials (low quality foam, Dacron, etc) and cutting corners when it comes to craftsmanship (For example, instead of removing old material or fabric, many companies will place the new fabric right on top, as well as not taking the time to do the job right.)  The Results of Lower Quality reupholstery will result in the life of your upholstery being significantly affected, as well as the possibility of esthetic flaws.
**Some of our clients come to us as a result of originally going to a "Cheaper" Upholsterer. Which means they had to pay to have the job done twice. Why not avoid this unfortunate scenario and get the job done right, the first time?**
**At Howard's Upholstery We Focus on Customer Satisfaction.  We don't sell "add-on's", unless you ask for them!  We do our best to produce a piece, just the way you wanted.  Most other upholsterers are not so talented, once the work is done, they are done.**

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FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions
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May I provide my own fabric or must I purchase fabric from  Howard's Upholstery?

Yes, you may provide your own fabric. However, when purchasing fabric from other sources, be sure to inspect the fabric for flaws carefully.
Please mark flaws as the fabric is rolled from the bolt.  We are not responsible for unmarked-flaws found in fabric from other sources.
When you buy fabric from us, we guarantee both Fabric & Labor.

Does it matter if old fabric is not removed prior to re-upholstering a piece of furniture?

Yes, it does. Covering over old fabric causes the new fabric to slide, thereby sacrificing a crisp look and causing the new fabric to wear-out much more quickly.  In addition, soiling from the old fabric can seep through padding and appear on the new fabric. Furthermore, the unsanitary aspect of covering over the old fabric speaks for itself!

Do all upholstery and custom furniture companies operate the same way?
Do not be fooled... all upholstery companies are not alike!  Howard's Custom Upholstery completes all work in-house, while many upholstery companies contract your furniture to outside laborers, (who usually work in their garage).  Your furniture and fabric remain at our facility in a secure, smoke-free environment, when you come onboard with us.  We welcome our customers to stop by our Mission Viejo location and take a look as the re-upholstery process takes place.  Be aware that upholstery is more than simply stapling a piece of fabric to a frame. 
Possessing and understanding of fabric texture, composition and pattern repeat is key to a good end-result. 
          Pattern matching is very important to symmetry and flow.
Can I design my own piece or get a custom piece created from a picture I found in a magazine?

Absolutely!  Whether it be reproducing a favorite design, creating an original, or designing your own, our master craftsmen are capable of most anything you can envision.  Simply calls us, or drop in with an explanation of your vision and we will work with you to bring it to life. 
Many times, when our customers need additional seating, they have us, not only, reupholster an existing chair or loveseat, but they have us make an exact copy!
What if I do not live in Orange County, CA and want a custom piece built for my home?

Though we provide personal delivery for the local region, we commonly ship our custom-made pieces out of state, and sometimes out of the country.  Call for pricing and shipping information.
What is the difference between a piece I purchase at a “Designer Store” and the custom furniture you build?

A great deal of new furniture is currently manufactured in China. Many furniture manufacturers use inferior products in the fabrication process and in fact, a new term has hit the furniture market as a result of such process . . . ENGINEERED WOOD. Engineered wood is nothing more than a fancy name for PRESSBOARD or PARTICLE BOARD. Are you earth friendly and GREEN minded? Purchasing furniture fabricated with engineered wood is quite an UNFRIENDLY environmental choice. These pieces cannot hold re-upholstery very well. For the most part, the fabric is the only thing holding the furniture together and much of this type of furniture ends up on curbside or in landfills. In addition to “engineered wood”, these same manufacturers also use pine & cardboard.  In the fabrication of our custom furniture, we use kiln-dried hardwood, individual eight-way hand-tied springs*, corner blocks, double-doweling, screws and glue. Quality is our goal. From the wood we use to build your furniture, to the thread we use to sew your fabric, and even the Dacron used to wrap your cushions, everything is first quality. Even the bottom cloth is heavier & upgraded!  In a day when many manufacturers are more concerned with the outward appearances of what they offer . . . and counting on an “un-educated consumer”, we understand the necessity to “get what you pay for”. . . quality matters.
                       Howard's builds furniture to last for generations. 
   Remember that -  Education is your best tool when purchasing furniture!
* no-sag springs installed upon request
My fabric still looks good, but the cushions are weak and lack support.  Do I need to re-upholster the entire sofa or chair just to freshen up the look of my pieces?
No. One of the best ways to get more life out of your fabric is to have top quality cushion inserts.  We offer a variety of cushion options, along with Dacron wrapping as replacement for your old inserts.  You will not believe the difference you will feel and see – immediately – just by replacing the inserts! See "Facelift" tab.
I have an old piece of furniture that belonged to my grandmother.  Should I reupholster it or purchase new?

Most old furniture is the best!  If you simply desire a new design, we can often modify the frame to change the look entirely (depending upon the type of frame). Remember that we can work with you to "update" your piece.  It may have belonged to your grandma, but now it's all You!
Is it Better to Reupholster or to Buy New?
     (In considering this question you must think of a few things)  
-How much do you like your current piece of furniture? (Does it Fit, Look, or Sit just the way you like?)  If you like your piece of furniture very much, then reupholstery is probably the best option. -It allows you to renew your valued piece of furniture, keeping and updating those characteristics that you have grown to love.  Please keep in mind that most newer furniture is not built as good as old furniture.
  If you plan to buy new, very good quality furniture, then reupholstering your old, good quality furniture may be more practical and less costly than buying  comparably new, high quality furniture. 
  If you want to buy new, low quality furniture, then reupholstering would not be the most inexpensive option. Low quality furniture is rather inexpensive and will almost always be cheaper than buying quality furniture, or quality reupholstery of old furniture.
Custom Upholstery is usually for people that want that custom look, or want to update and/or keep a treasured piece.  If your furniture is old and heavy (built using past industry standards) then it should be a valued piece!
If you are looking for cheap furniture, custom upholstery is probably not your best option.

    If the furniture is in a commonly used area, or the Primary user is Very Heavy, a high density foam should be used to give added support, comfort, and promote better posture (Especially for the elderly who require additional support, and tend to sit for longer periods of time) .   Although, furniture initially might feel firm, after a little usage the foam will be "broken-in."  (At Howard's, we have every type of high quality foam , with varying degrees of firmness.  Let us know what you like & we can definitely accommodate your needs.)  Remember that we can also custom order White Goose down for any of your cushion inserts.
    If furniture is not used frequently (Formal Living Rooms, Guest Areas, etc.). A softer, less dense foam is acceptable.
**Flip your Cushions everytime you vacuum (usually once a week.) This will extend the life of your Cushions.**