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Howard's Custom Upholstery
24002 Via Fabricante   #204,  Mission Viejo, CA 92691
24002 Via Fabricante  #204,
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
949. 768. 0106

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SINCE 1976, Howard's Upholstery has been on a mission to deliver a good quality, upscale product.  We are as good as ever!  Presently, we find ourselves in a position of being in an industry where quality is not as important as cost.  We are surrounded by upholstery shops that do quick, low quality work. 
We separate ourselves by taking an unusual amount of time, to produce an exceptional product.  Also, we choose to use superior or upgraded supplies and materials.  If your clients are paying top dollar for your services, they expect top dollar quality, do not disappoint them by using low quality, cheap upholsterers.

If you demand Quality, expect to pay for it!  We feel that you will be very satisfied with our high standards of service and quality products, and so will your clients.

Of course, if you have a certain budget and do not require our standard -
high level of service, remember that you have a choice of *level of service*!
Give us a call and we could discuss/explain our levels.

Naturally, exceptional work, materials & supplies come at a cost. 
If you have a client that is willing to pay for a quality product,
you have found your custom shop!
Do you need a new custom piece and want "Baker/Century" or better type furniture quality?  Try us.
Do you want pieces re-upholstered with your quality fabrics and want them "done right the first time"?   Try us.
       You will enjoy working with Elaine, she is Our Perfectionist.
Are you tired of making excuses for the "lack of quality" of your present workroom?
Tired of searching for quality work?...of trying to find someone that understands just what you are trying to create?

If you are an experienced designer, haven't times changed?  Do you remember when you had your pick of quality Custom Upholsterers?  You actually had the luxury of shopping them?  Aren't you frustrated about today's lack of quality, "expert upholsterers?"

Most of those Upholsterers, that took pride in their work, have either retired or died. 
The new breed of many so-called "upholsterers" are basically - not properly trained. 
In the old days, there were Trade Schools and Apprentice Programs. 
When is the last time anyone has seen an Upholstery Trade School?

Fortunately, my dad (who did attend an Upholstery Trade School in the 50's) ran a tight ship (shop).  He quickly recognized the potential of good, quality, upholstery craftsmen and seamstresses.  He trained our staff on the proper approach to each job. 
My dad is now retired, but he still comes in to lend a hand and offer his advice.

I find it very interesting when clients come to me to "fix" jobs that other shops have "butchered!" These clients explain that they refuse to take back their damaged pieces or they have had those shops try to "fix" their errors...only to fail, again.
949. 768. 0106